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Roof Renew Pros

Exterior Cleaning & Preservation

Searching or choosing a power washing contractor is not easy.  Today’s clients are bombarded with misleading ads, confusing claims and bad information. Unqualified contractors can offer super-low prices, high pressure sales and worthless methods. How do you find a local qualified professional power washer or any type of experienced cleaning contractor to take care of your needs? You do some research. I people don’t offer we dong use chemicals, then guess what? They use chemicals! Make sure whomever you choose explains all that they are using, and are not withholding information from you.


We offer 1st time customers special discount saving coupons for exterior house washing and deck power washing with water sealer and/or stain. Whether you’re selling your home, or just needing to add some curb appeal to a home and you can add 5%-15 % to the value of your residence. Add the “Exterior Staging Package” and increase it by 25%-30%.


So cleaning your house using a professional power washing company brings back the new look and increases its value.  We also perform roof washing to clean black streaks and mold off the roof so that we can add life years to it, as well as no conversation around the roof if you’re going to put it on 

the market to sell. Pressure washing should be your first choice since it is one of the most affordable and at the same time the simplest way to increase a home value. Having your house’s wood deck or concrete patio cleaned increases the value of your home and helps protect your largest investment. And just as an FYI we will take care of pool decking, stone pavers or uni-lock walkway and hardwood decking (mahogany, IPE, teak furniture} also need a top quality restoration should you choose to do so. 


Last year we helped many homeowners just like you in Sparta, Sussex County, Morris County, Passaic, Bergan, and Warren County as well as many others. These residential customers placed trust in our pressure washing and they were given top notch customer service. 

Feel free to call today for your free estimate/quote on exterior house cleaning, deck power washing, water sealing and/or staining.


Customer service is a priority.


Roof Renew Pros LLC is the better choice; licensed and insured we clean all outside surfaces, as well as preserve them. After all, your home is one of your largest If you are looking for any other power washing service, we also clean composite decking (synthetic, plastic Trex & more) fences (wood and PVC) and swing set jungle gyms (all play sets including eastern jungle gyms and rainbow systems.) When Cleaning vinyl siding we use hot water as it is more effective in cleaning dirt, mold, mildew and algae. If you allow Dirt, grime, black mold, mildew and green algae to collect on your home/deck/walkway, coupled with moisture and leaves, if not cleaned by a reliable exterior cleaning company these things can cause costly repairs. Black, grey or green, Roof Renew Pros will get it clean!!!   A Green Clean!

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