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I didn’t even notice the black stains on the roof at the dealership here at Lynne’s Nissan West In Stanhope NJ that is until Barb had stopped in to explain what it was, and how many life years I was losing on my roof shingles.  It was explained in detail what all of those stains, and growths were doing to my roof, and how those ugly stains are not only creating damage to the roof shingles, but the appearance of a car dealership says a lot about the reflection inside on how its ran. The funny thing is that most of the sales people, service technicians, and managers knew how ugly the stains were, and that they could be seen from Lackawanna Ave. and no one said anything!  I immediately had Roof Renew Pros take care of the roof shingles, the before and after were amazing!  Not only did I save thousands of dollars on not replacing the roof, but the building looks amazing!  Now, the outside looks just as amazing as the inside, clean, and presentable, I would hire Roof Renew Pros to clean anything at our dealerships. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. The prices were very fair and reasonable for the amount I would have been spending to replace the entire roof!


Julie T.

Stanhope, NJ

The back and side of my house was terribly discolored.  The roof is about 19 years old and It looked to me like it was getting close to replacement time.  Barb came and looked at the roof and explained in detail what caused the discoloring.  The roof appeared in good shape so she suggested a cleaning.  Her techs were friendly and professional and left without a trace.  The roof looks fabulous and based on what I see, I should get many more years before replacement will be required.  Thanks Barb.........a job well done.

Bob S.

Andover, NJ

We spend a lot of time around the pool in the summer.  Part of our view is the back of the house and of course the roof.  It is the original asphalt shingle roof I was ready to replace.  The roof is fine with no leaks but was discolored and had all kinds of mold, moss, etc growing on it.  Trees overhang the roof and much of it nevers sees the sun.  Barb and her team came in and restored my roof to look like new.  I couldn't believe how much "stuff" came down in the process but the team cleaned every bit of it up and left my deck and surrounding areas cleaner than when they started.  If I could give Barb, her team and the service they provided 6 stars instead of 5 I certainly would have. 

Keith V.

Tannersville, PA

My roof looked like crap and I was really bummed out because I didn't have the money to get my roof replaced this summer. Barb is amazing! She explained the process for renewing my roof, and not having to replace it! It was totally affordable! The crew is nice and professional. They moved all of my lawn ornaments out of the way, and covered the flowers, so they did not get soiled. Great business! They do lots of other stuff too.

Ames B.

New York, NY

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