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Attention Realtors & Home Owners

So you're thinking of selling your home?


The housing market in NJ and across the Nation has hit one of its worst slumps in decades, many homeowners that are trying to sell are brainstorming creative ways to differentiate their home from the rest .Some have the interior painted, some do landscaping, while others will actually go so far as to throw in gifts like new automobiles and furniture. Maybe even their first born! ( just joking) There are many things to consider when putting your home on the market. And many things to consider about the potential buyers that will look at your home. Formerly a realtor years ago before owning my own company, all of these questions were asked of me. And the one thing they didnt get was:


Redi 2 SellNJ is a unique first of its kind Exterior Staging Company offering specialized eco-friendly services that cater to real estate professionals, property managers, HOAs & homeowners alike.   Every one of our clients, is equally important to our success in mastering the services that we have become so very proud of in all facets of Exterior Staging.


"You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression”




So what does a buyer look for?

    The demographic area, price, schools system, taxes, how long has the home been on the market, the amount of bedrooms, the interior of the home, does it have a yard, a pool, garage etc.

    And even though all of these things are what they search for, one of the defining factors is how they will feel when they first pull up in front of that home and what the exterior shows them.

    Very Rarely does it even occur to the seller that its those filthy black fungus-covered streaks across their roof that may be keeping the buyers away! Here is an Example: You are buying a new home, all the criteria above fits, great school system, amount of bedrooms is fine, taxes are reasonable, and the demographics are great! The day comes for you to visit your future otherwise beautiful home. You pull up in the drive way, and before you even step out of your car you notice the roof covered in some mystery ugly Black Stained streaks all over. Immediately your first thought? I have to replace the roof! That calculator goes wild in your head about the cost of a new roof! In an instant all of the variables that were otherwise great before, lost your interest in the home due to that first impression. Even though it just probably needed cleaning!

    If you have mold on the siding, on the roof, a deck in poor shape, dirty concrete sidewalks or drive ways, pavers, windows, gutters etc. They may not even go inside to look around!!! Even worse, that moss and lichen growth may catch the eye of a home inspector who may decide to make negative comments about it to his clients, who then will most definitely offer less money than they had planned. It may send them away completely! So then the house stays on the market longer, Causing the value of the home to drop, and now its even harder to sell even at a good price!

    Wouldn't you assume that if the maintenance on the outside of the home hasn't been done? Perhaps the interior wasnt taken care of either?


    Maybe some things were just let go?  Lets face it that shiny new refrigerator and stove with matching microwave  will not make much of a difference and neither will the matching curtains! If the outside maintenance doesnt look like its been tended to then to the rest of the property hasnt been done either. 
    Believe me just this small investment folks , even if you  just do a roof renew  for less than 10% to replace it can add thousands of dollars to the value of the home and make it sell quicker!  Just small things around the house exterior can make that house look like brand new! Call Barb for a Free Estimate, and let her help you with the exterior staging of the home. 

Have an estimate in 24 Hours!

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression. NEVER!

In this economy you need to position yourself better than the other competition. With Roof Renew, and exterior cleaning you will attract more potential buyers, gain your asking price, possibly even more , AND SELL it quicker too! Schedule the roof cleaning and exterior Cleaning BEFORE you list your home. Only use an insured, certified Green Cleaning Professional who is  Chemical Free

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression!

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