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Redi-2-Sell NJ

Our Redi-2-Sell NJ Professionals Will


  • Dramatically Reduce The Time Your Home Is On The Market By Making It Move-In Ready And Attractive To Buyers

  • Design A Customized Program To Freshen Your House-As Little or As Much Support That You Choose-To Maximize The Selling Potential Of Your Home

  • Assist You In Creating A Customized Program To Increase Buyer Traffic To Your Home As Opposed To The Other Homes In Your Neighborhood

  • Guide You In Keeping Your House Sale On Track

The Facts Are…


  • Today’s Homes Sit On The Market For An Extended Period of Time

  • The Longer A Home Sits, The Less Likely It Is To Retain Its Value

  • Most Buyers Look For A Properly Priced, Move In Ready Home

  • Your House Has About 8 Seconds To Make A First Good Impression

  • Buyers Associate Poor Exterior Conditions With Poor Interior Conditions and Often Will Completely By-Pass The Home

  • Realtors Are At A Disadvantage Working With Deteriorating, And Low Maintained Homes

Consulting Services We Offer…


  • Advice Concerning Appraisals, Inspections, and Pricing your house to sell

  • Guidance on Responding to Issues Raised During Inspections BEFORE they become an Issue With A Potential Buyer

  • Recommendations for Small Internal and External Repairs and Improvements to Maximize Your Homes Potential and Staging It Into It’s Ready To Sell Condition

  • Expert De-Cluttering, De-Personalization, Deep Cleaning Of Your House As Well As Mold Remediation Consultation and Services

  • Expert Exterior Staging Including Landscape Design, Painting Color Consultation, to Increase “ Curb Appeal”.

  • Staging and Photographing Your Home In A Manner That Will Appeal To Any Buyer.

Redi-2-Sell NJ- Introduces Some Of Our Exterior Stonework Services

Redi-2-Sell NJ- Introduces Organic Roof Cleaning Division Certified By Roof Renew Pros LLC








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