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Roof Renew Pros

 Organic Advertising

RRP Brings Renewable Pressure Washing
Marketing Ads to The Tri State Area

Is it Green?

How do you know your advertisement is truly green? Well according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to determine whether an advertisement is truly green, you need to ask yourself these questions: Is It: Environmentally Safe?Recyclable?Degradable?Ozone friendly? We are the US’s number 1 clean advertising company. We're nimble, sustainable, and highly creative.


What Exactly Is Clean Advertising or Image Logo Placement?

“Clean Image Advertising or Image Logo Placement” well it might be the coolest thing other than sliced bread. This is a form of marketing that you’ve probably never heard of – clean graffiti (or lean tagging, reverse graffiti) is a method of creating temporary or semi-permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. This is an innovative, environmentally safe and eye catching technique to advertise or simply display art that has only been popularized in the last 8 to 10 years. Those who are looking for more inexpensive alternatives to normal publicity and want to limit their environmental footprint in the process may want to take a deeper look at this cool artistic method. In the following few paragraphs we will discuss everything you need to know about the phenomenon that is green graffiti, or Like we like to call it, “Clean Image Advertising or Logo Placement”.


How Does It Work?

Roof Renew Pros LLC have created patent pending Image Logo Stencils that are rust free, and are unbreakable! Stencils are applied using only with high-pressured warm water and NEVER with chemicals.  The image is etched on the surface is a clean representation of your pre-ordered stencil that you have had designed especially for you in your marketing campaign. We can work from a brief or concept drawing and deliver any idea you might have. No job is too big or too small,


The stencil is ready to be renewed and respond to the elements just like the un-washed area that surrounds the stencil. We wash down pavement, leaving behind “clean” words and images that gleam through the grime.

 You can feel confident offering your customers a completely green advertising campaign. And at the same time, save yourself some big bucks in a cheaper alternative to print advertising or social media marketing.


What do you think that says about your company? And to think we do all the work for you! Simply explain the message you want to get across to your clients, work with us to design the stencil’s message and or logo. Upon your approval we will create a stencil just for you as well as create the ad walk campaign. 


You simply choose locations to where you want to increase your business exposure, the amount of images you want placed, and we will set up stencils in that area as a part of your personalized campaign. Just contact RRP and let us know what you had in mind, and we will get you your very own stencil, and make sure that ad is put in place!


Is it legal?

Unlike traditional graffiti which is very destructive in nature and frowned upon by legal circles, clean graffiti operate in a more legally ambiguous area. Realistically, it is cleaning a public space, which is essentially impossible to prosecute in most areas, and let’s face it, who’s going to give you a hard time for cleaning their streets for free?

That’s right I said free. Roof Renew Pros has made a commitment to our cities and our clients. You see anytime you order a stencil and have an ad placed, Roof Renew Pros cleans 3 blocks to the left and right of your stencil.  That’s right, we are literally cleaning the city streets or other locations on behalf of you and Roof Renew Pros. Not only are we cleaning up neighborhoods and keeping costs down for the city not to clean them, but your Clean Logo Image Placement stands out!   And by the way, this form of advertising is also generally recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly as no ink or paper, no paints are involved whatsoever. 

Is It Successful and who uses this unique marketing style?

Yes! Reverse graffiti advertising can be very successful with Large companies such as Microsoft, the BBC, Smirnoff, and Domino’s Pizza, Sol, having advertising campaigns this way.

Domino’s Pizza was one of the earliest U.S. companies to use reverse graffiti, investing less than $20,000 in a campaign that included 210 street impressions, spread across New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles last summer. Pedestrians were invited to send in photographs of themselves with the street images to win Domino’s gift cards. Domino’s estimated that the campaign brought it about $1 million worth of publicity. Do you think they thought that $20,000 was money well spent? I’m thinking that’s a definite yes!


What’s the Cost?

We bring you high impact advertising alternatives in a time of tightening budgets. Every campaign is different small businesses have different goals and budgets say then that of Absolute, or Dominos, or Bud Light. But from beginning to end, the development and implementation of your marketing campaign will be handled with integrity, authenticity, and reliability to get a campaign that is equal to the big boys just on a smaller scale. Your campaign will be Uniquely designed to YOUR business or message. For the one-time cost of our patent-pending rust free template, that we can use forever, and the cost of the Advert Packages its small potatoes compared to online ads and print ads.

Not only are you appealing to the younger generation, but anyone that walks down the street or drives by will see your message. Please feel free to give us a call and we will happily work with you in providing and guiding you in the best campaign for your needs and a price to match to keep you in your marketing budget.

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